Do you sleep on the 'wrong' side of the bed?

Posted by lorrainelea on Sep 28, '15

If you feel like you're constantly waking up on the wrong side of the bed, perhaps it's time you swapped sides!

While singletons have the freedom to pick and choose their preferred side of the bed (or even sleep sprawled out in the middle), when it comes to couples, a claim to a particular side is generally made early-on in the relationship.

According to a recent study, more than one in 10 couples argue over which side of the bed they sleep on, and women usually end up getting their preference (are we surprised??).

Common contentious issues when selecting a side of the bed are:

  1. proximity to the door in case of intruders or children wandering in,
  2. closeness to the heater or window
  3. where an individual's dresser or closet is located in the room and
  4. which side has the best view of the TV.

It is rare that couples will switch sides of the bed after this initial decision has been made, and in fact, 80 per cent of adults have slept on the same side since their relationship started.


The study found people become attached to their side, with half of the respondents saying they fail to sleep properly if they're not in their preferred spot.

After a period of time, swapping sides can feel foreign, so even when traveling and away from home respondents said they still feel the need to stick to 'their side' in order to get a good night's sleep.

According to a British survey conducted by the Premier Inn, those who sleep on the left side of the bed (from the perspective of lying in the bed with your head on the pillow) tend to be more energetic and happier in the morning. Left-side-sleepers are also said to have a more positive attitude than their right side counterparts, and are better at keeping calm and level headed in a conflict.

The survey went on to announce lefties have a greater job satisfaction, with 31% of left side sleepers saying they love what they do, compared to just 18% of righties, even though the majority of right-siders earn a more substantial income.

It doesn't take long to compare these stats to your own bedroom dynamic and either confirm or deny the outlandish results.

my half your half

Even though there is no historical rules or science behind the need to be on a particular side, according to Feng Shui, in order to induce romance in the bedroom and create positive energy for the relationship, a man should take the left side of the bed, while women should take the right.

Hmmm... perhaps it's worth changing things up tonight?

POLL: which side of the bed do you sleep on? (leave your answer in the comments below!)

  • a) Left
  • B) Right
  • C) In the middle
  • D) I don't have a preference

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