7 school holiday activities for kids!

Posted by lorrainelea on Sep 23, '15

Searching for ways to entertain the kids these school holidays? Let us help.

We've compiled a list of our favourite activities to keep kids occupied and happy, no matter what the weather is like!

Picnic in the park.

When the weather is nice, a park is the place to go for a stress-free afternoon with the kids. Throw down our blue-check picnic rug and set up a tasty spread of finger food to while away the hours. With the wide open space, kids will be easily entertained with activities and games while the adults relax in beautiful surrounds.

Fun in the backyard. 

If your kids have friends over during the holidays, it might be a good idea to get them out of the house and playing a ball game in the backyard. Split the kids into teams and start up a game of backyard cricket or game of tag. While outside, you could even go a step further and cook up a good old fashioned barbecue for the kids to enjoy after they've finished their game.


bbq The colourful Zala tablecloth is the perfect accessory for backyard barbecues and springtime get-togethers.


Cooking with kids.

During the school year, there often isn’t enough time on weekends to spend some quality time in the kitchen with youngsters. Cooking together is a fun way to introduce kids to healthy culinary creations, as well trying some special treats. This is a great activity for rainy days, so when the weather turns nasty, it's the perfect time to don an apron and bake delicious after dinner indulgences the whole family can enjoy.

Arts & crafts

Do you have some old linen that could be re-purposed? Why not treat yourself to a new set of sheets and use an old one as a massive canvas the kids can paint and draw on? Hang the sheet against a wall or fence and arm the kids with paint brushes, sponges, spray bottles and makers to make their very own masterpiece.


Make a cubby house

This is another activity you can do with old sheets and it can be as simple as draping a king sized sheet between two chairs or over a table. The kids will have fun playing for hours! If it's nice weather outside, why not take the fun into the garden and hang the sheet from a low hanging tree branch?

cubby house

Board games

How long has it been since your family played a board game together? Choose an age-appropriate game and have everyone in the family join in. Why not play charades, pictionary or celebrity heads to keep things entertaining and interactive for all ages.

Plant a herb or vegetable garden

Pick a sunny spot in the garden and take kids through the potting and planting process. They will love having their own garden to tend to and herbs are easy to grow from seed and quick to spout. gardening

What are your go-to school holiday activities?

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