how to: refresh your home for spring

Posted by lorrainelea on Sep 15, '15

The warmer weather brings vibrancy and colour to the outside world - and your home styling should reflect the new season too!

Where winter was all about deep, saturated colours and cosy layers, spring is the time to infuse your interiors with fresh prints, foliage and bright, airy colours.

Here are some easy spring updates for your home.

Blue hues: Spring encourages us to move away from warm winter tones and towards cool hues and brighter shades. Calming, ocean colours like aqua and teal are the shades of the season and will reinvigorate your home.


Florals: The quintessential indicator of spring, seasonal blooms are a great way to add a touch of freshness to a room. The trick with florals is to avoid overusing them, otherwise the room can feel busy and over-stimulating. Keep the look sophisticated by introducing just one key floral piece into a white-washed space, or, if full-colour prints aren't your thing, try a contemporary floral sketch or watercolour design.

florals Delicate prints offer a contemporary change from traditional florals.

Natural light: If your windows are robed in heavy drapes, now is the time to take them down and pack them away. Allow the natural warmth and sunlight to filter through into your rooms.

window Get rid of heavy curtains and embrace the natural sun light.

Spring cleaning: If the idea of a whole-house overhaul seems daunting, why not just start by giving the windows a good clean? With sparkling windows and the blinds open wide, your rooms will feel much lighter and airier.

cleaning There's no time like the present to start spring cleaning!

Airy white: A fast and effective way to lighten and brighten a room is to add crisp white. Brighter shades reflect the light, making rooms feel illuminated and spacious. White can be added in a variety of ways, from a fresh coat of paint on the walls to a clean, white quilt cover. If you're going for this look in the bedroom, make sure you have varying textures and shapes to keep it interesting.

white Crisp white in the bedroom will never go out of style.

Citrus colours: Juicy colours like orange and yellow can create an energetic space that screams 'spring!' Adding a pop of colour can be fun, but don't go overboard. Carefully pick a few pieces that will convert your home from a winter wonderland into a fresh spring retreat.

citrus Citrus colours are fresh for spring.

Prints: Just like colour and texture, patterns are a great way to breathe fresh life into your home. Bring the new buds of the garden indoors with a dynamic botanical print wall paper or patterned throw rug.

pattern Bring the outside inside with botanical patterns.

Greenery: Even though spring is associated with vibrant flowers, a green foliage centrepiece of fern fronds can be just as visually appealing, plus they are a more cost effective option. Ferns and foliage are also a great choice if allergies and hayfever are a concern. If a centrepiece isn't your style, consider getting creative with a hanging planter pot or indoor garden area.

greenery Fern fronds are a great choice for those who suffer from hay fever

Change your bedding: Revitalise your bedroom by packing away heavy quilts and dark coloured throws. It's time to make the switch to your lightweight summer fabrics and colourful bedroom accessories.

bedding Make the spring-time switch and change to cooler bedding

Outdoor spaces: Where your lounge room may have been the hub of the house during winter, spring calls for more time outside. Alfresco dining and seating is one of the great pleasures of the warmer months, so make sure your outdoor entertaining area features bright, weather-proof accessories.

outdoor Lorraine Lea's colourful 'Zala' chevron tablecloth is great for outdoor entertaining.

Have you made any of these spring updates to your home this season?

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