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10 ways to style a throw

Posted by lorrainelea on Sep 10, '15

Want to add colour, pattern and warmth to a room in just one step?

Throw rugs are the answer!

They are lightweight, can be draped, folded, flung or positioned anywhere PLUS they are an extremely cost-effective way to introduce seasonal style to your home. There are countless ways throw rugs can be styled; here are a few of our faves.

  1. Corner fold: This look is great for chaise lounges. Try folding a thin throw lengthwise and then in half. Angle the throw so it lies flat across the corner of the seat cushion and style with some decorator cushions.
  2. Complete couch: Open up the throw completely and drape it across the back of a couch. Style it by placing decorator cushions in front of it.
  3. Waiter-style: One of the easiest ways to style a thin throw is to fold it and drape it over the arm of a chair, much like how a waiter may hold a cloth napkin.
  4. Backdrop: Change the look of a neutral chair with a coloured throw. Fold the throw lengthwise and let it hang down the front of the chair, then tuck it under the seat cushion to keep it in place.

    throw rug 2 1. Corner fold 2. Complete couch 3. Waiter-style 4. Backdrop

  5. Floating couch drape: Make your throw look good from the front as well as the back by strategically folding it and placing it on the couch. Fold it lengthwise and drape it to the right side, left side or down the middle. Place a throw cushion in front of it.
  6. Casual cascade: Drape your throw over the back right of left side of a high-back chair or couch. You're going for a haphazard look, so no need to style it too much, just play with tucking a bit here and there to create an effortless flow. This look works best with a throw with fringed edges as it will create a soft edges effect.

    throw rug 4 5. Floating couch drape 6. Casual cascade

  7. Bed end: Style up a simple bedroom by folding a coloured or patterned throw lengthwise and lay it across the end of the bed. This will break a solid bedding colour up or can work in conjunction with the quilt cover to highlight a particular colour. Add a patterned throw for a touch of fun.
  8. Cosy-up: Using a dark coloured throw on a light bed will create a feeling of cosiness and make a larger bed feel more intimate and inviting. Drape the throw all the way across the foot of the bed or fold lengthways at the to add glamour.
  9. Cover it: There is no rule to say throws can only be used at the foot of the bed. If you have a large, luxurious throw, then why not pull it three quarters of the way up the bed. This will add an element of warmth and interest.
  10. Across the corner: A favourite of many, the casual 'throw across the corner of the bed' technique gives your bedroom a contemporary and relaxed feel. This works best with a textured throw, but be sure to choose a colour that complements your quilt cover.

    throw rug 3 7. Bed End (photo cred. Diane Watts) 8. Cosy-up 9. Cover it (photo cred. Leiza Fox) 10. Across the foot

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How do you style your throw?

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