you'll be surprised how often you should wash tea towels.

Posted by lorrainelea on Aug 27, '15

Germaphobes, you're not going to like this...

Kitchen tea towels are by far the most worrisome germ-holding vessels in your home, and they should be washed more frequently than you think!

Dirt and bacteria have a way of getting caught in the fabric of the cloth and if you're not diligent in laundering these towels after every use, then all you're doing is spreading contaminants and bacteria around your home.

Gross, right?

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A study by the University of Arizona found that 90% of households are using bacteria infested tea towels in their kitchens. By wiping dishes, cleaning benches and drying hands with dirty tea towels, we are unwittingly smearing them with all sorts of icky bacteria.

You may think you're cleaning the counter, but if you've got a dirty kitchen towel in your hand, you may actually be spreading hundreds of thousands of disgusting E. coli and Coliform bacteria across the bench where food will be placed.

Avoid absentmindedly wiping meat, poultry or fish residue with your kitchen towel. This can lead to the cross-contamination of foods and is just really unhygienic all-round.

As a rule of thumb for good kitchen hygiene, tea towels should be washed after each use. Yes, that's right, EVERY SINGLE DAY, PEOPLE!

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According to researchers, the next best option is to dip the tea towels in a diluted bleach solution and hang out to dry between uses. Even when using the bleach method daily, it is recommended to throw your towels into the wash at least once a week.

How often do you wash your tea towels? Will you be washing them more frequently after reading this post?

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