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Waking up tired & sore? This could be your problem...

Posted by lorrainelea on Jul 31, '15

Waking up tired and sore? The problem could be your pillow. Without a pillow that suits your unique sleeping needs, it can cause even more serious health issues over time.

Finding the right pillow for you comes down to defining your sleeping style. Whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach, it’s important to position yourself so your weight is evenly distributed, your airways are clear and you have the proper support for your head and neck.

Pillow 2

Best pillow for the back sleeper

The Memory Foam Pillow is great for back sleepers because it offers much needed support while appropriately adjusting to the body’s temperature and weight. Its foam composition allows it to mould to the natural curves of the neck and its heat sensitive properties allow it to contour to the form of your head while you rest, then revert to its original form in seconds.

Best pillow for the side sleeper

The most important thing for side sleepers is to find a pillow that fills the space between the ear and outer shoulder, providing firm support for the neck, head and shoulder so they do not get strained during the night. Pillows such as the Latex are ideal as they offer a great deal of support and are designed to offer exceptional durability and breathability for a healthier night sleep.

Best pillow for the stomach Sleeper

Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended because of the stress it puts on your lower back, resulting in potential neck pain. Try and break the habit by sleeping on your side with a Body Pillow in front of you to keep the front of your body comfortably supported.

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Allergy Sufferers

The Microfibre pillow will offer firm support while having a soft and cosy feel. Its BIOFRESH™ treatment means it is anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial and ideal for allergy sufferers. Easy care instructions mean it can be freshened up with a run through the washing machine.

Neck Pain Sufferers

Neck pain is associated with incorrect sleeping posture. The Foam Core Posture Sleep Pillow features a supportive foam core, wrapped in premium quality polyester. It provides contoured support and correctly positions the sleeper’s head and neck.

The Snorer

If you or your bed mate snores during the night, try using supportive pillows such as the Standard Latex or the Memory Foam. These are designed to support the neck and open the airways for easier breathing.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women often find it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position, but experts say sleeping on your side is best. A Body Pillow can offer some support under the head, the belly and between the knees.


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