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7 reasons you should be sleeping naked

Posted by lorrainelea on Jul 27, '15

We get it... getting into a pair of super comfy flannelette PJs is one of life's great pleasures. But sleeping in pyjamas could actually be detrimental to a good night's rest.

Experts suggest that stripping down to bare skin before getting into bed comes with a slew of health benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should try going commando tonight.

sleeping naked 1

  1. You'll get a better sleep. While we love feeling cosy at night, experts say a cooler environment is conducive to a better night's sleep.  PJs and blankets can disrupt the body's natural body temperature and being too hot has even been linked to insomnia.
  2. You'll fall asleep quicker. Studies suggest when temperatures are lower, it helps us fall asleep quicker, and without the possibility of clothing getting tangled and causing discomfort in the night, you're more likely to sleep all the way through.
  3. It keeps you looking young. We're not joking! Being too warm at night can disrupt the release of the main anti-aging hormone into our bodies. This growth hormone keeps our skin and hair fresh and healthy and is released when our body temperature drops at night. If our pyjamas are keeping us too warm, we don't reap its regenerative benefits. Overheating in bed can also trigger pre-existing skin conditions, so make sure sleeping naked is part of your beauty routine.
  4. It helps you de-stress. Sleeping naked helps you sleep more soundly, which allows the levels of your stress hormone, cortisol, to decrease. This also keeps your energy and hunger levels in check. When your sleep is disturbed, you are more likely to wake up hungry or lethargic.
  5. You'll feel more confident. We're all guilty of hiding behind our clothes, but sleeping naked gives us a chance to get comfortable with your own body, which in turn helps to increase our confidence. That's always a good thing!
  6. It allows your body to breathe. Trapping body heat and moisture at night increases your risk of yeast infections, so going commando is a great way to air things out and keep healthy.
  7. It's great for your relationship. Sleeping naked can help you bond with your partner and improve your sex life. If you're in a relationship, skin-on-skin contact can stimulate feel-good chemicals like oxytocin which make you more relaxed and more in the mood for sex.

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