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Posted by lorrainelea on Jul 23, '15

Gold, straw, custard, lemon chartreuse… whatever shade tickles your fancy, you’ll be right on trend when incorporating yellow into your home colour scheme this season.

According to those who study colour psychology, the hues we choose to decorate our homes with have a direct impact on our mood and can be leveraged to affect how we feel day to day.

If you like the idea of using colour to create an emotionally healthy home, you can’t go past the array of vibrant and happy yellows. Synonymous with warmth, yellow brings a fresh energy and sunny disposition to your space.

yellow 2 (clockwise from top): Debelle Quilt Cover, Calavera Cushion Covers and Throw Rug in Mustard, Messina Towelling Range in Yellow.

Its eye-catching colour brings an instantaneous splash of freshness to your home and can be used on walls as a feature, or in a peppering of accents – a vase, throw or cushion – to make the room come alive.

One important thing to consider before getting started is the function of each of your rooms. Yellows can take on different personalities depending on the amount of red or blue the shade contains and can create a vastly different atmosphere. While very bright yellow is a standout, one of the downfalls is it can disrupt sleep and concentration, so it’s best not to use large amounts in office spaces and bedrooms.

Yellows with a red undertone come across as warm and welcoming, so they work wonders in common areas like the lounge room and kitchen. Yellows with a hint of blue can come off as cold, so they should be used sparingly on smaller accessories and furnishings.

A favourite with forecasters at Pantone (an authority on colour trends), the delicious and delectable Custard yellow has been earmarked as one of the key colours of the season. This cheery tone is said to conjure thoughts of pleasant relaxation and comfort food.

For the bedroom, go one step softer in tone and introduce a buttery yellow. This can set a soothing and cosy tone and, while still cheerful, is not too jarring and can even be used as a neutral in just about any room of the house.

yellow 1 Add a pop of colour to your bathroom with Lorraine Lea's Cooper Bathroom Range.

In all its shades, yellow can be matched to great effect with subtle grey and white tones to bring a lacklustre room to life. If you’re after something a bit more dramatic, opt for stark black and white furnishings against a backdrop yellow wall or match with other bright colours like orange or turquoise. Alternatively, the versatile yellow can also be paired with strong, saturated colours such as warm burgundy and purple.

Why not slowly introduce yellow to your rooms with some towels in the bathroom, sheets on the bed or decorator cushions on the couch? These dashes of colour will add interest to your space and might even put you in a better mood to face the day.

Is yellow a feature in your home?

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