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find your happy (work)place: why people stay with companies

Posted by lorrainelea on Jun 26, '15

In an era where continued 'job hopping' is the norm and employee dissatisfaction is common, what is it that makes people want to stay with a company for the long-haul?

Believe it or not, the top motivator for longevity in the workplace isn't a big pay packet, it's happiness!

There are a number of other factors, including company culture, challenging work and friendly co-workers, that influence an employee's rate of satisfaction - but ultimately, if you're happy, doing what you do, you'll most likely remain with the company.

The sad reality is many people haven't found the job they want to pursue as their lifetime career. According to the latest Gallup global workplace report, unhappy workers outnumber happy workers two to one.

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Wondering what the criteria for workplace happiness is? Here are the top reasons people choose to stay with a company:

Challenging work

When employees are challenged to think creatively in their role, it makes them grow personally and professionally. If a person is challenged and given the opportunity to succeed, they feel engaged and excited to come to work every day. Because they are constantly working towards a goal, they aren't likely to make a career change.

Making a difference

While making the big bucks would be nice, most employees put a higher value on making a difference. Being a part of something that matters gives them a sense of pride and purpose. For most, that is more important than an inflated bank balance.

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Workplace culture is a huge reason people enjoy going to work. It's very hard to leave a good group of colleagues, but far easier to leave a job where you feel you do not have a support network. Working everyday with an inspiring team of people can create a feeling of happiness, even if the job itself isn't everything you'd ever dreamed of.


Trust stems from shared values and mutual respect. If the company encourages work-life balance, treats you well, and makes you feel secure in your position, you are more likely to feel a loyalty to them and want to continue working with them.

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Reward & recognition

People naturally want to be recognised by their employer and peers for a job well done. Positive accolades and rewards encourage people to go above and beyond their job requirements, assist their co-workers and make constructive contributions to the growth of the organisation. When things are going well, people feel more relaxed in their role and allow themselves to think outside the box, expand their resources and prepare for challenges ahead. In other words, success breeds more success.

Not just a positive influence in the workplace, happiness can improve nearly every aspect of life including longevity of relationships, sociability, health, creativity and energy.

What are some of the reasons you stuck at a job for the long-haul? Check out what's kept some of our most successful Independent Stylists at Lorraine Lea.

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