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shield yourself against bedroom nasties

Posted by lorrainelea on Jun 25, '15

Does the thought of thousands of microscopic dust mites crawling around in your bed make you queasy? Sounds like it's time we introduced you to BIOFRESH™.

This new generation anti-microbial treatment was developed by a group of brainy Australian scientists as an invisible defense against horrible bedroom nasties. 

The warm, humid, dark environment of your bed is the ideal breeding ground for these little mites and their presence can aggravate things like skin irritations, allergies and asthma.

Creating and maintaining a healthy bedding system is imperative in order to tackle the army of mites that will set up camp in everything from your pillows to your sheets.


BIOFRESH™ treatment is used on a number of Lorraine Lea healthy bedding products including the Healthy Fibre Quilt, Harmony Quilt and Microfibre Pillow and is a great weapon in the fight against unwanted bedfellows.

The treatment protects your white goods against dust mites for up to 50 washes and works in two ways:

  1. It acts as a repellent that forces mites away from items that have been treated
  2. It diminishes the food sources of dust mites, such as mould, bacteria and yeast. Without these cringe-worthy things present between your sheets, it forces dust mites to look elsewhere for food.

Sleep more peacefully with the knowledge your bedding is shielded from the creepy crawlies, giving you a healthy, more restful sleep.


Want to learn more about BIOFRESH treated products? Get in touch with your local Lorraine Lea Independent Stylist or call our Support Centre on (AUS) 1800 641 089 or (NZ) 0800 718 694.

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