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what does your bedroom say about you?

Posted by lorrainelea on Jun 5, '15

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your retreat to escape the stresses of everyday life.

It is the most intimate space in your home and it should display your mementos while reflecting your taste and personal style.

The way you choose to decorate your bedroom can also say a lot about your personality. Do you love crisp white sheets? You’re likely to be sophisticated and timeless. Is your room a display of eclectic travel souvenirs? You possess an adventurous spirit.

Whatever your decorating style, injecting your unique character into your bedroom will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

If your bedroom is colourful, you are…

Bubbly and energetic

Brightly coloured walls? Pop art prints? You’re a high-energy individual who seeks out adventure and can survive on minimal hours of sleep. However, beware of having bright colours in your bedroom, as they will stimulate the senses, but can make it difficult to fall asleep.

Annabelle Lorraine Lea's Annabel features a dynamic arrow print that combines bright pinks and yellow with pale grey.

Neutral shades of cream and grey? You are…

Habitual and high maintenance

Does your room resemble a 5-star hotel? You are probably the first one to enquire about an upgrade to first class and detest travelling coach class. You don’t mind a bit of luxury in your life and this is reflected in your bedding and décor.

Regent Lorraine Lea's Regent has a classic elegant look. Coming soon to the range in June!

You have lots of unusual pieces, you are…

A child of the world

Did you pick up your wall art on a trip to New York? Import your bed from Bangladesh? This is probably an indication that you are well traveled and appreciate far flung cultures. You probably wish that instead of sleeping in your bedroom, you were on the road traveling somewhere exotic and would just as soon trade your bed for a sleeping bag. Your bedroom exudes a global, earthy, adventurous quality; just make sure the prints you use don’t clash.

New York All the vibrancy, colour and iconic elements of New York are captured in this edgy design that is influenced by graffiti art.

Pristine and mostly white, you are…

Classic and well-organised

Does the word 'elegance' spring to mind as you step into your room? You take a ‘less is more’ philosophy to home decorating and are usually cool, calm and collected. White and airy with a great sense of space, your boudoir is timeless. An all-white room will never go out of fashion. Best of all, if you should suddenly want to mix it up, the white backdrop is easily adaptable to a pop of colour or print.

Taya White with Black 2014 CC The pure white Taya Quilt Cover will rejuvenate and refurbish a bedroom with flair, elegance and style.

Simple, block colours, you are…

Up-front and honest

A place for everything and everything in its place.  You take a no nonsense approach to home decorating and don’t beat around the bush in your personal affairs either. Your bedroom is functional and friendly, without being over the top; similar to how people might describe you. You have the freedom to change the look of the room by adding accents to match different seasons and colours.

Glenwood Glenwood is a beautiful, diamond quilted, cotton coverlet set that offers stylish design in a fresh, lime green.

Perfectly matched, you are…

Meticulous and traditional

You like things just as they are and aren't usually open to change. Everything in your bedroom is matched to perfection, however, this look can come across as a little outdated. It wouldn't hurt to allow your room to evolve around you and introduce a colour or piece of furniture that is a bit quirky and out-of-the-ordinary.

Kimiko A dramatic design that features black on black flocking and a striking silver print.

Lace drapes, florals and a four-poster bed, you are a…

Hopeless romantic

You are a hopeless romantic. You like to keep with traditions and make use of feminine furnishings including intricate lace designs and framed artwork to add 'girly appeal' to your space. With this look, it’s important to keep your wall colours light to balance out the texture of pillows, sheets and drapes.

Artemis Appliqued and embroidered panels are trimmed with velvet in this elegant black and cream design.

Everything old is new again, you are…

Easy-going and approachable

Love a good op shop bargain? If the thought of acquiring your grandmother’s hand-me-down lamps and bed frame excites you, then you more than likely have a retro style bedroom. Your shabby chic, mismatched pieces create a romantic and comforting charm. You are down-to-earth and have a clear understanding of who you are and what you like. You have custom picked your bedroom, piece by piece to create a space that is all about you.

Flemington A bold and dramatic design that will make an impressive bedroom statement.

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