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would you rather be in bed right now?

Posted by lorrainelea on Jun 3, '15

Most of us would agree that leaving the warm embrace of our bed sheets in the morning is a challenge, especially in the winter months, but we bet you didn't know this feeling could be a health condition! Dysania or Clinomania as it is sometimes referred to, is a rare condition that is literally an addiction to staying in bed. Dysaniacs feel compelled to stay nestled under the blankets, regardless of the consequences of missing work, family commitments or appointments.

Bouts of 'Monday-itis' can often make most of us hit the snooze buttons a few more times than we should, but for people who suffer Dysania, it's not as simple as just being lethargic. Classified as an anxiety disorder, sufferers of this condition are able to wake up readily enough, but find it difficult to take the next step of actually leaving the bed, regardless of how long they have been lying there. This can result in spending days at a time in bed and potentially cause serious personal and health problems. So next time you're fighting the alarm clock for 5 more minutes of sleep, consider instead, the benefits of biting the bullet, getting up and starting your day.

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