bringing urban street art home

Posted by lorrainelea on May 13, '15

Love the bright and bold colours of urban street art?

These graffiti-style prints are eye catching and powerful and can be found layering the walls of inner-city alleyways and public spaces the world over.

sydney-university-graffiti-tunnel-street-art1 A university tunnel in Sydney

Its free-hand, fast form has become an accepted and recognised artistic style and and brought some street artists international attention (and some serious street-cred),

HOSIER_LANE1-620x349 Some street artists have become internationally famous

You can now even book yourself in for a graffiti sight-seeing tour in many major cities including Berlin, London and Paris. In Melbourne, tourists flock to snap a photo of Hosier Lane, which is famed for its sophisticated urban art. The graffiti-marred walls of this inner-city lane way have become a popular backdrop for fashion and wedding photography as it offers a striking juxtaposition to a stark white wedding dress and black suit. 

Hosier Lane Wedding Graffiti has become a popular backdrop for wedding photos

A growing urban-cool trend, the graffiti print is finding its way into fashion and home decorator items. With its edgy irreverence, graffiti art is a great way to add a pop of unexpected colour and vibrancy to your home.

NewYork2v2 Painting the set for a photo shoot with Lorraine Lea's New York Quilt Cover design

Bring the luminosity of the streets of New York into your bedroom with our New York Quilt Cover design. Its bright shades of green, pink, blue and orange pack a punch and are sure to add some eye-catching colour to your space.

New York New York Quilt Cover Set

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