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Posted by lorrainelea on May 8, '15

Inspiration can come from anywhere. We all draw stimulus from things we see, hear, taste, touch and smell.

In the world of home decor for example, the lines of modern architecture may influence the shape of a chair, a freshly mowed lawn might inspire the texture of a rug, and the brilliant colours of a sunset might be the motivation behind a multi-coloured throw.

The inspiration behind Lorraine Lea's exclusive quilt cover designs is no different. Our clever merchandise team have been known to spy an intriguing print on a piece of clothing and re-imagine it on a grander scale as a quilt cover or throw cushion.

Inspired by a techo-print skirt and a geometric print scarf, our new quilt cover designs, Sienna and Cleo, are quite literally bringing street fashion to your bedroom.

Where do you find your inspriation?

Sienna Sienna Quilt Cover was inspired by a skirt

Cleo Cleo Quilt Cover was inspired by a scarf

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