How to create BIG impact in a small space

Posted by lorrainelea on Apr 25, '15

It's the downside of modern living.

If you want to live among the hustle and bustle, your space will come at a premium.

Where our regional counterparts can afford to indulge in over-sized ornamental decor pieces, those of us who reside in pokey apartment blocks know every piece of furniture must serve a purpose.

Finding the balance between functional and stylish is a true art, and we thought we'd share some tips on how to create BIG impact in a small space.

  • Light and bright. Pops of colour and busy patterns can be fun to decorate with, but when dealing with a small space it's best to opt for light neutral shades. Giving the walls a lick of white paint, or using white, plain bed linen is a great place to start and it will give the room an airy freshness. 
  • Dainty design. Avoid bulky shapes when decorating as they will make the room appear cluttered. Instead, opt for furniture pieces with a refined silhouette - glass table tops are great for increasing the sense of space.
  • Optical illusions. We all know wearing clothing with horizontal lines can give the illusion of added width, and the same goes for design. The horizontal lines in paneling or wallpaper can help to exaggerate the dimensions of a smaller room. If it's height your room is lacking, try introducing a tall bookcase or set of shelves. This will trick the eye into seeing a more elongated zone.

    The use of height and vertical placements in the styling of this room help to emphasise space.

  • Mirror image. Nothing works better to give the feeling of more space in a room than the addition of a mirror. Not only will it catch and reflect the light, but it will also amplify the space you already have. An over sized mirror will look purposeful and prominent and take the attention away from the pint-sized room.


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