Coverlet vs. Quilt Cover. What's the difference?

Posted by lorrainelea on Apr 22, '15

Recently purchased a quilt cover? ... or was it a coverlet? There are so many diverse products on the market these days, it can be difficult to keep up!

There are a few key differences between the popular coverlet and quilt cover styles, and having a working knowledge of the utility of one bed covering type over another might prove helpful in your decision making process.

Meridian Meridian Coverlet is a lightweight addition to your bed


  • are a light-weight bed covering and make the bed look presentable.
  • are best suited to warmer seasons like summer and spring.
  • are generally smaller than quilt covers in dimension, and are designed to only cover the top of the bed and hang barely past the box springs.
  • give beds a neat and finished look with minimal effort as there is no worry of the filler bunching or needing readjustment.
  • come in a variety of styles and colours, and stay in place without the additional weight of a quilt /  doona / duvet inner.

Torquay Torquay Quilt Cover has button closure to hold your doona and brings a Mediterranean feel to the bedroom.

Quilt Covers:

  • fit over your quilt / doona / duvet inner to protect it and can be washed frequently to keep your bedding fresh.
  • are defined by their sewn closure on three sides and zipper or button closure on the fourth to enclose the quilt/doona/duvet inner.
  • are most popular in the cooler seasons of winter and autumn.
  • are designed to cover the whole bed, and are large enough to reach up over the pillows and drape over the sides of the bed down to the floor.
  • come in diverse styles and fabrics so just by changing your quilt cover you can drastically change the look and feel of your bedroom.

Ultimately, the choice between coverlet or quilt cover comes down to personal preference. Whatever suits your room, your style and your comfort requirements is the right choice for you.

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