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Posted by lorrainelea on Apr 10, '15

If you think a high thread count is the only indicator of better quality sheets... think again!

Given the way everyone raves about 'thread count', you'd be forgiven to believing this is the only factor that determines the softness, durability and quality of sheets. However, a high thread count is not the only way to determine the excellence of a product. There are two other important factors that are often overlooked: the length of the fibre and the way in which it is woven.

cottonSheets-1.pngLorraine Lea's luxurious cotton sheeting range feature a 500 thread count cotton sateen weave.

A longer staple fibre will give the material strength, which in turn leads to less pilling. Extra long staple (ELS) fibre cottons are considered to be superior, even to most Egyptian cottons.

The weave of your sheets will affect the way a product looks and feels, and will also factor in its longevity. Lorraine Lea's cotton sheet range features a 500 thread count cotton sateen weave that provides a soft, silky feel.

The percale weave is one of the most prominent as it has a balanced, basket-like weave. The threads are tightly woven, which results in a fine texture and finish.

sheet stack chair.png With long staple fibre and tight weave, Premium Percale sheets are long-lasting with a soft and smooth finish. 

The 'thread count' relates to the number of yarn per square inch. Even if a sheet has a high thread count, that can often be inflated by manipulating the sheet-making process with a low-quality thread or construction, so it is important to seek out reputable manufacturers.

As a general rule of thumb, anything over a 200-thread count is a good standard. The Lorraine Lea Premium Percale range has a 250-thread count and have been known to last for over 20 years without pilling!

While all three of these factors should be taken into consideration when choosing sheets, it is your personal preference that is most important. The ultimate test of satisfaction will come when you take them home and test them out on your own bed.

Lorraine Lea stocks a variety of sheet types in many colours/designs to help you create your own individual bedroom look.


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