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An affordable home update in one simple step...

Posted by lorrainelea on Apr 9, '15

They are versatile. cost effective and can be changed to keep up with seasonal trends so it's no wonder that the humble throw rug is fast becoming the biggest secret in home styling.

All it takes is a little styling know-how and you can add texture, a point of interest and pop of colour with just one item. Here are a few of our favourite ways to throw the throw.

1. The seat cover

Chevron Throw Rug Group CC Chevron Throw Rugs

Use your throw rug as a seat cover by folding it length ways in half or thirds (depending on the length and width of the throw) and then laying it down the centre of your armchair or couch, making sure it covers the back and bottom of the seat. Then all that is needed is a cushion (or cushions) on top, where the small of your back would be to hold the throw rug in place.

The ribbed boarder and geometric design of Lorraine Lea's Chevron Knitted Throw will help to add visual impact to a neutral sofa.

Tip: this is also a great idea for protecting your furniture seat cushions!

2. Layer it

Charlotte Throws group Charlotte Throw in various colours

A more sophisticated version of ‘the seat cover’ is to use two throw rugs, by vertically folding the first throw rug in half and then the second throw rug into quarters. Then layer the second throw over the centre of the first, so you get a panel or striped effect. The key is to be as neat and symmetrical as possible.

3. Keep it casual

Calavera Coral Calavera Cushion Covers and Throw in Coral

Drape your throw rug in a cascade on the top right or left of your couch or armchair, or on an armrest for a ‘laid-back’ look that still looks warm and cosy. The key is to use the ‘flip and flop’ method by folding the blanket length ways in half, flipping it horizontally over your forearm, taking hold of the middle of the throw and then quickly flopping it over the couch or chair. The more texture, gathering and ruching created by the throw, the better. Lorraine Lea's dynamic Calavera range of cushion covers and throw rugs will inject vibrancy into any lounge or bedroom.

Once again, add an array of cushion on top of the throw to add depth and dimension to your furniture.

 4. One throw, three looks

Taya White yellow Taya White Quilt Cover paired with Charlotte Throw in Yellow

Throw rugs are more than just an extra blanket to put on top of your quilt cover; they can personalise your bed, accentuate a particular colour in a quilt cover design, match a sheet set, balance an array ofdecorative cushions, or add a splash of colour to a neutral quilt cover set.

  • Half the throw vertically and place it along the foot of your bed across its full width.
  • Loosely drape or fold in thirds, and then place on an angle at a corner of your bed.
  • Open the throw rug to its full capacity. Then spread across your bed’s full width and length (or as far as it will reach) to make it the hero of your bed – ideal for bringing new life to an old quilt cover!

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