Scorch mark BEGONE!!

Posted by lorrainelea on Mar 27, '15

Don't you hate ironing - especially when, with one false move or lapse in attention you can do this!! Did you know you could remove scorch marks from some fabrics? Scorched cotton, rayon, linen and wool fabrics are often treatable. Here's how:

iron scorch mark removal process how can you fix a scorch mark?

1. Dampen a non-dyed cotton rag with undiluted, white distilled vinegar. Rub the vinegar-dampened rag over the scorched fabric.

2. Wipe the excess vinegar from the fabric using another non-dyed cotton rag.

3. Inspect the fabric for remaining scorch marks. If scorched areas persist, apply a drop of both hydrogen peroxide and household ammonia to the scorched fabric using an eyedropper.

4. Allow the hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to absorb into the scorch marks for 30 minutes. Occasionally apply a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to the fabric to keep the scorch marks moist during the 30 minutes.

5. Dampen another non-dyed cotton rag with cold water. Blot the fabric with the damp rag to wash out the hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

6. Launder the fabric in a washing machine with oxygen bleach. Wash the fabric according to the directions on the care tag. Use the amount of oxygen bleach recommended on the product's label.

7. Allow the fabric to air-dry. Repeat the process if any scorch marks remain on the fabric.


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