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High-fashion, often the forerunner to home styling, is a great indication of what’s to come in the world of home décor. These top trends from the runway filter down and can influence everything from rug texture to sofa shape.

The colours and silhouettes we’ve become familiar with from previous seasons can gradually change over time to offer an evolved palette of colours, shapes and styles. Our 2015 trend prediction features a mix of these progressing classic looks, along with fresh, emerging trends to try in your home.

Optical illusions. Bold geometric patterns are still everywhere and will be for the foreseeable future. Contrasting colour blocks, often in black and white, can give balance to repetitive shapes. Patterns and prints with one or two colours are eye-catching and turn up on all sorts of products, from curtains to quilt covers.


Photorealist prints. Budding from our fixation with social media and information technology, life is now merging with art. Computer generated fabrics have dotted the catwalk, leading to nostalgic images printed on textiles, wallpapers and carpets. Keep a look out for repeat patterns and life-sized imagery.

Vintage cushion group Lorraine Lea's Vintage Cushion Covers

Back to nature. Wild landscapes will play a big part in home inspiration, stemming, in part, from the focus on reducing our footprint on the earth. Colour palettes are drawn from greens and mineral hues, contrasting light and dark shades combine with raw materials such as timber, stone, leather and fur.


Tropicana. Pineapples, flamingos, bananas… if you find it on an exotic island, you’ll more than likely see it coming into the home as decorator items. These fun, bold prints are a great way to inject irreverence into otherwise safe or minimalist decors. Why not go troppo and style up a bright and contemporary outdoor entertaining area this summer while this look is still trending!

Cushion Group Pinks CC Lorraine Lea's range of hot pink throw pillows (from left: Amazon, Tango (bottom) Starlet (top))

Colour pop. Strong primary colours are now popular in a range of homewares, furnishings and décor. The ridged colour rules of yesterday have been replaced by more liberal guidelines and options. Saturated room colours and rich colourful accents are some of the latest trends and can be used in any season. They enliven modern interior design and can be used for emphasising unique home decorating ideas. Keep watch for bright shades of lemon in the months to come, along with vibrant Greek blue and diffused blush.


Brass and copper. This trend came in strong throughout 2014 and looks set to continue its presence in the realm of home décor. Soft shades of brass, burnished gold and hammered bronze accents can be used to compliment the saturated spring/summer colours. These surfaces help give your space a chic retro revival and a feeling of warmth while evoking an air of luxury. Previously considered to be old-fashioned, these yellow metals now carry a glamorous feel.


For more inspiration, check out our ‘Top Home Design Trends 2015’ Pinterest board.

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