If you haven't heard of Supima, you'd better read this....

Posted by lorrainelea on Mar 25, '15

It's not called the 'cashmere of cotton' for nothing! Products made from the ultra-soft Supima cotton boast superior durability, are fade-resistant and are far less likely to pill or shrink. But at a time when everything is marketed as being 'special' what exactly does Supima have that makes linen-lovers go weak at the knees?

supima-towel-range-hero1. It won't fade

The fibres in Supima cotton absorb dye better than the fibres found in other cottons which means there’s a substantial difference in the brilliance and integrity of the fabric. In other words, your brights will stay brighter for much longer.

2. It's sustainably grown

The idea of sustainability is so much more than just being organic. In growing a Supima crop, the U.S cotton industry takes many factors into consideration including economic growth, conservation and social responsibility and produce a cotton crop as efficiently as possible with minimal impact on the environment.

3. It's exclusive 

Supima accounts for only about 3% of all annual cotton production in the U.S. Its fineness and longer staple length makes Supima a premium cotton fibre. This particular type of extra-long staple cotton is exclusively produced in only a few locations around the world which offer a long growing season in a hot, dry climate.

4. It's quality controlled

Its strength and uniformity measurements are considerably higher than those of other cotton. In the U.S., cotton is considered to be extra-long staple (ELS) if the fibre is an inch and 3/8 or longer. It's growth is closely regulated and its production cost generally runs a little more expensive due to the extra management of the crop.

5. Forget Egyptian, this is the cotton of choice

All cotton grown in Egypt is 'Egyptian', and while many of us believe the description 'Egyptian cotton' refers to the very finest and longest cottons in the world, only 7% of all cotton exported from Egypt annually is extra-long staple. As savvy shoppers cotton-on to this idea, Supima has become the cotton of choice among the world's fine-count yarn spinners.

6. It has longevity

Because of its superior strength, products made with Supima cotton have enhanced durability and increased lifespan. The fineness of Supima cotton mean more fibres can be spun into a yarn of a given count, which will enhance the feel and softness, drapeability and brilliance of color of a fabric.

7. It's as good as a nice warm hug

Towels made of Supima cotton are one of the plushest types of towel on the market. Lorraine Lea have a range of beautiful, zero twist Supima towels with a high quality weight of 650gsm. The towelling is constructed with double loops, resulting in softer, light-weight towels that are super-absorbent and will dry you more quickly when you step out of the shower or tub.

8. Caring for your cotton

Show your Supima products some love by following these care instructions and you'll have them for the long-term.

  • Cold machine wash separately before use.
  • Wash dark colours separately.
  • Avoid excessive use of softeners.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Line dry in shade.
  • May be tumble dried on warm.
  • Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

The Lorraine Lea Supima range of towels comes in Coral, Drizzle (grey), White and Aqua.


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