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achieving financial freedom

Posted by lorrainelea on Mar 12, '15

LesleyRatzLesley Ratz lives with the philosophy that life is too short to not aim for your dreams. For the past 17 years she has been a self-employed Lorraine Lea Independent Stylist and used the income from her business to achieve financial independence and set her family up for the future.

Initially holding home styling parties as a way to make some extra income and break into the property market, Lesley recounts she was also motivated by the flexible work hours and idea of being a stay-at-home mum for her two children.

“My goal when joining the company was to achieve financial freedom. My husband and I were renting our house at that time and had a vision of one day owning our own home. I also wanted to do something which would allow me to stay at home with my kids and not have to return to the workforce after my maternity leave.”

Overcoming her early insecurities about public speaking, Lesley began to carve out a Lorraine Lea career for herself. The autonomy of her business meant she had the freedom to spend time with her kids during the day and could schedule parties in the evenings and on weekends.

Image-566 Celebrating her success with her team at the 2014 Lorraine Lea annual conference

Earning more now through her home styling parties than she had in her previous full-time job, Lesley quickly saw the potential of the party plan model and set her sights on developing her business and achieving her enduring dream of a property portfolio.

Recruiting like-minded individuals to join her Brisbane-based team, Lesley stepped up to a leadership role with the company. The additional income derived from her success enabled Lesley and her husband to pay off the mortgage on their house within and become blissfully debt-free just four years after she moved into leadership.

Lesley & family ice skating in New York City on Christmas Day. Lesley & family ice skating in New York City on Christmas Day.

“The financial security of my Lorraine Lea business made it possible to pay off our home. Using the equity to borrow against, we bought a second investment property and then a third!”

In addition to attaining her investment dreams, Lesley has recently taken her family on a trip to New York for a white Christmas, spending New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas and a week of fun in California.

“I’ve come so far with this company and my communications skills have improved beyond compare. At my first home styling party I couldn’t even speak one word and now I run meetings and speak in front of over 200 people. I have an amazing group of Lorraine Lea Stylists within my area and enjoy working with them so they too can have a successful business.”

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