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a career that positively impacts your lifestyle

Posted by lorrainelea on Mar 11, '15


Claiming she’d go crazy in a normal nine to five job, Joanna Sivec relishes the freedom, flexibility and earning potential of her Lorraine Lea career. Celebrating 23-years with the company this year, she vows her lifestyle is second to none.

Embarking on her social shopping journey as a single 21-year-old, Joanna has been with the homewares company almost her whole professional life. Her Lorraine Lea business was a fixture when she met and married her husband and through the birth of their two now adult children.

With a beautiful home merely steps from the beach on Perth’s picturesque coastline, Joanna admits she’s been able to provide a much better life for her family than she ever imagined possible. The income from her Loraine Lea business made it possible for her husband to be a stay-at-home dad and the flexibility of her parties empowered her to be actively involved in her kids’ lives as they grew up.

“I can book my parties around my kids’ schedules and know, without any question, that I can be around to support them in their activities. That’s when it really hits home how the flexibility of this industry can positively impact your lifestyle.”

1901604_10205696261992870_2553559971205839946_n Joanna and her family

With the liberty to book as many parties as she likes, Joanna can increase her income when unforeseen expenses pop up. Joanna explains the income from her Lorraine Lea business has enabled her to give her kids experiences that would otherwise not be possible.

“In grade 9, (my daughter) Jessica was offered the chance to travel to China with the school music tour to perform on the Great Wall and at the World Expo. Some of her friends missed out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because their parents were on a fixed salary and just couldn't afford it.”

No matter what stage of life, Joanna notes that there has always been self-sufficiency in her role and the ability to continually improve her lifestyle and business skills.

Image-648 Joanna (centre) with her Stars of the West team at Lorraine Lea's All Stars Conference in February 2015

“Lorraine Lea has given me the opportunity to become a business women, while also dedicating time to the other important roles in my life; that of being a mother and a wife.”

To hear more about Joanna's story, check out her spotlight on success video 

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