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Posted by lorrainelea on Mar 10, '15

Transform your home into a coastal escape, no matter how far you live from the shore.
Love the salty fresh sea air, the feel of white sand between your toes and being lulled to sleep by the roar of the ocean? Living by the water is one of the great Australian dreams, but the exorbitant price tag of beachside residences means, for most of us, this dream is more of a mirage. If you can’t live geographically close to the sea, there are plenty of other tricks you can try to evoke beach house beauty in your home.

062cc8b83678fd84472cabbc1236bfdaTake a moment to imagine a windswept seascape, and embrace those pastel tones as the colour pallet for your rooms. Soothing turquoise and sea foam green are classic oceanic hues and work well when paired with sandy neutrals and sun-bleached blues. Subtle greys and greens emulate the ocean on a stormy day and washed out yellows pay homage to the morning sunshine reflecting from the water.

Often, the most alluring aspect of a coastal abode is its sense of open space. This airy appeal can be achieved with the use of light coloured manchester, steer clear of any blacks or bright, colourful splashes. When searching for the perfect decorator items, keep in mind that a little reinventing won’t go astray; DIY projects will create the necessary rough and tumble effect to pull off this look. Pre-loved wooden coffee tables and stools painted white in a haphazard hand works a treat.de67b16d4b5fbc74f7d5b7a3f753aa2c

A great place to start your transformation is in the bedroom. Get inventive by crafting a bedhead from reworked driftwood or vintage boat oars. Replace your quilt cover with a fresh white and blue design to capture calming feel of wispy white clouds and crystal clear water. This relaxed mood can be accentuated in your ensuite and guest bathroom by replacing the hand and bath towels with a combination of blue and white Messina Towels. Channel your inner Zen by placing white candles and shell-filled vignettes beside the sink and bathtub. To keep your look unique, source one-of-a-kind pieces from local designers or handy craft markets in your area.

The beachside look lends itself to raw textures and tactile surfaces. Exposed internal timber beams, chunky whitewashed furniture, natural fibres and stone floors are all excellent features; however, if they don’t already exist in your house, you can easily introduce some roughness with an eclectic mix of organic shapes. Beachcomb the foreshore for washed-up treasure and spend a craft-a-noon creating intriguing table décor with sea shells, shabby chic glass bottles and bits of old fisherman’s nets.

In the lounge, the use of tonal green and blue throw cushions on a cream coloured lounge will replicate the meeting of the sand and surf. A hammock outside or throw rug across the arm of a chair will help form the aura of an arbitrary beach break.

Voilà! There you have it; a coastal escape in the comfort of your own home.

For more inspiration visit our Beach House Bliss Pinterest board.

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