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Posted by lorrainelea on Mar 3, '15

We’re all guilty of it; splurging out on those killer heels to wear them only a handful of times or making wild rationalisations for buying ‘that dress’ which is destined to hang in the wardrobe for those infrequent special occasions. Even though fashion items may cost a small fortune, there is a general acceptance that the price tag of designer wear does not always dictate the amount of use we get out of it.

Homewares are undoubtedly influenced by high-fashion fads (cue the chevron, tropicana and monochrome trends), and although we understand fashion is fleeting and seasonal trends quickly lose cachet, we expect to get significantly more use out of our linens and soft furnishings. Things like sheet sets, pillows and quilts are expected to have a functional longevity and when shopping for homewares, in addition to style we look for durability, usability and warrantee as key buying criteria.

A pair of heels purchased for a specific night out might cost $150, but we would never buy a quilt cover of the same value with the intention of using it just once. We anticipate years of use and for it to remain in good enough condition to perhaps eventually pass it along to a friend, family member or donate it to an opportunity shop.

Think of a good quilt cover as the tailored blazer or pin-stripe skirt of the linen worldAt Lorraine Lea’s recent annual conference, guest speakers, The Fashionista Sistas educated us on the importance of wardrobe staples. These are fundamental clothing items that do not date and can be mixed and matched with a variety of seasonal items and accessories to create fresh new looks.

The same rule applies for savvy homewares shopping. Think of a good quilt cover as the tailored blazer or pin-stripe skirt of the linen world. It might cost up to $200 for a quality product, but by selecting a versatile design and astute use of decorator colours, that one quilt can be reinvented in a multitude of ways.

Taya White - neutral colours are timeless Neutral colours (like Taya White, right) are timeless and can create a dynamic effect when combined with any eye-catching plain-dye sheet set, while the impact of subtle prints and patterns can be amplified by seasonal patterned throw cushions, nightstand accessories or a throw rug.

Much like in our wardrobes, space in our linen closet is often at a premium, so the trick is to select two or three versatile designs that won’t easily date. You can then put your three quilt covers into rotation by having one set on the bed, one in the wash and one in the closet.

Styling your home can be just as fun as personal styling, and with a little bit of know-how, you can save money and achieve maximum clout with just a few clever purchases at your next Lorraine Lea home styling party.

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